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Growth Capital Program

Through the Growth Capital Program the RRCF purchases up to 25% of a commercial loan originated by a lender and subordinates our interest to the participating lending institution, thereby increasing a borrower's lending capability. The participating bank will service the loan as they normally would. A typical loan will be for real estate, equipment or working capital up to $1 million. 

Contact your current lender and ask about the RRCF Growth Capital Program. If you current lending institution is a program participant, your loan officer will go through the loan qualification process with you and apply to RRCF for the program on your behalf. If you lender is not a program participant, or is unaware of the program, please contact RRCF to possibly enroll the lender or for a referral. The program is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis to qualified small business borrowers. Loans must generally first meet your lender's credit underwriting criteria with the exception of loan collateral adequacy, which is what the program will cover.

Use of Funds and Terms

  • Business working capital loans with terms of 12 to 18 months

  • Real estate, equipment, and other commercial loans up to 10 years

  • Maximum loan amount cannot exceed $20,000,000

  • Maximum collateral support cannot exceed $500,000

  • Funds may be used to support eligible charities and nonprofits

  • Funds cannot be used for refinancing existing debt, change of ownership, owner reimbursement, delinquent taxes, passive or investment real estate, speculative activities, lending, pyramid schemes, illegal activities, gambling establishments, or other uses prohibited by SSBCI

If you are an entrepreneur looking for funding or an angel looking to make investments, please contact: Delore Zimmerman, RRCF Manager at


Red River Angel Fund

The Red River Angel Fund, LLC, (RRAF) is comprised of individual investors and institutions in the state of North Dakota who desire to support emerging entrepreneurs and growing companies in the region.

Each member of the Red River Angel Fund is an accredited investor. Members select their own investments and join together to support individual companies. The RRCF ma also invest in emerging companies directly.


Contact us for more information. 

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